Backstreet Missions

Backstreet Missions, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving the homeless and those with spiritual and physical needs, reaching out to people where they are, extending Christ’s love in practical ways.

Visit "Programs and Services"to find out more about our current outreaches.

Browse the "Video" section and watch the stirring video of how the burden to help the homeless was placed in the founders heart through a divine encounter.

"Silent Auction" for theme baskets

Join us at the Monroe County 4-H Fair 7/26-8/2 for the "Silent Auction" for theme baskets. The booth will be open both Saturdays from 12-10 pm and during the week from 4-10 pm.

"Debtless for the Homeless"

The "Debtless for the Homeless" initiative is continuing in a concentrated effort to retire the Mission's mortgages. A total of $26,548.76 has been raised since the latter part of February-April 2014. We were contacted in May by a donor offering a "Matching Challenge" gift of $14,000. If this could be matched it would retire one of the mortgages. We have seen an increase last year and so far this year in those coming to us for food and shelter. Please prayerfully consider helping us with this goal.

Be sure to mark your gift "Debtless for the Homeless" and mail to:

What We Need at the Mission

The following items are badly needed:
Canned Goods
Meat Items

You can always help by:
*Donating food to our food pantry
*Making a financial contribution to the Mission

Consider donating a car

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